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Babybelles : 1.5 - 4 years
Petit Belles : 4.5 - 6.5 years
Midi Belles : 7 - 9 years
Grande Belles : 9 - 12 years
Avance Belles : 13+ years
Junior : 5 - 8 years
Senior : 9 - 13 years
TECHNIQUE CLASSES in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, Acro-Dance
(We follow the IDTA syllabus in these classes)
PERFORMANCE CLASSES in Musical Theatre, Street Dance/Commercial, Theatre Craft (IDTA)


Watch your child sparkle in BABYBELLES! 


This fun-filled class for little ones aged 1.5yrs-4.5yrs is full to the brim of funky music, gorgeous giggling & fabulous dancing!


We learn how to stretch our muscles, follow the beat of the music & dance with friends.

We play with exciting props such as beautiful ribbons and jingly bells to help develop rhythm & creativity.


Remember to bring your dance shoes too, as we ask every little one to invite a dancing partner along to join in the fun!



1.5years - 4 years


2 -4 years


Musical Theatre

Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

"There's no business like show business..!"


Give your child the gift of performing with an all-singing, all-dancing Musical Theatre class with La Belle Arts.

Your child will explore the enchanting world of theatre with amazing teachers with their own experience on the BIG STAGE!

Watch them shine as they discover their singing voice, how to portray a character, how to be a strong and dynamic dancer and how to wow and audience on stage!



Baby | Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Your child will develop beautiful artistry, dynamic technique and stunning performance in our Ballet classes. 

Watch their every step, point and leap nurtured as our fantastic and dedicated teachers inspire them to become creative and passionate dancers. 


We believe in the importance of creating a solid ballet technique to our dancing and so encourage all of our students to study this beautiful art form.



Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

In our Jazz classes, we support our students as they realise their full potential and talents in dancing. 

The breadth of jazz dancing is so wide that our students experience and learn a huge number of different styles in this class, from Lyrical Jazz to Commercial Jazz to Musical Theatre Jazz. 


Your child will be inspired to strive for excellence in their dancing whilst exploring their self-expression, creativity and developing their confidence, technique, flexibility, strength & performance

Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Street Dance

Get funky with an awesome Street Dance class with La Belle Arts!

Your child will learn all about the rhythm and style of this cool dance genre which you can see in all of your child's favourite music videos and on the X Factor!


Street Dance is all about CONFIDENCE and STYLE which we encourage in bundles. It's also about being strong, creative and unique - positive qualities to instill in your child, all whilst they have loads of fun and make lifelong dance memories and friends!


Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

There's no better feeling than accomplishing a rhythmic pattern with your feet for the first time and this class instils the natural musicality in our students that benefit them in all areas of their dance training, and in other areas of their lives!


Tap not only makes the body work hard, but also your brain, and is the perfect style to encourage focus, creativity and that 'try it again' attitude. We'll build on our performance work in this class and develop your child's unique dance style.


Junior | Senior

Our Acro-Dance class develops strength, flexibility and control in our young dancers by exploring acrobatic movement and learning how to integrate this seamlessly into their dance work. 

We learn amazing new tricks and moves that will build your little one's confidence, and that 'I can do that!' attitude!

Our students must be enrolled in at least one other dance style with LBA before trying our Acro-Dance classes.