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La Belle Arts is committed to inspiring a passion for performing in each and every one of our students. We love nothing better than seeing our students shine as they discover the joy and wonder of the arts and thrive as they experience the limitless benefits of this enchanting world.

We believe in developing ARTISTS who can confidently explore their creativity and imagination. Every one of LBA's students is wonderfully unique and we support everyone as they discover their individual talents and creative abilities, as well as instilling valuable life skills and confidence.

We provide a nurturing home where students flourish, artists blossom, and dreams become reality! Each of our students is special, each childhood is priceless, and we value the time we spend during these formative years with all our students. We are one big family at LBA and we support and encourage every student along every step of their performing journey and of their lives. 

We believe that having the opportunity to perform in front of others is invaluable and so we strive to provide many opportunities for our students to experience that wonderful, joyous feeling of performing. 

Our exceptional, highly qualified and experienced teachers have 'been there, done it and got the t-shirt'- which means we can provide our students with the most current and effective training in dance, singing and drama.


Come and join our LBA family and let us inspire your lifelong love of the performing arts. 



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"LBA is a place where students are free to be themselves and can express their creativity without limits. There really is no place like LBA!"

Grande Belle

"My 2 year old loves her dance classes with LBA!! She used to be so shy and it is the highlight of her week"

Lesley Anderson

"I really love going to LBA! It's a positive environment, you learn so much and encouraged to try new things. You can just be yourself!"

Cara MacDonald
Grande Belle

Be Inspired

We are dedicated to providing our students with an enriching  and magical experience that motivates them to reach their goals. We guide them on their journey as they discover the joy and beauty of the performing arts and provide regular performance opportunities for them to shine.

Be Confident

At LBA, we believe that you can accomplish absolutely anything with confidence and ambition. We promote self-belief and a drive to achieve your dreams. Your child’s confidence will flourish at LBA as they are inspired to discover a passion for performing

Become a Part of our LBA Family

Every student that steps through our door is welcomed into our La Belle Arts family with open arms. We cherish every one of our students for their individual gifts and talents, and nurture them along every step of their performing journey. We are committed to creating lifelong, magical memories for your child to cherish forever and care for them in every aspect of their lives.

Strive for Excellence

At La Belle Arts, we are always striving to do and be our best, whether that is in our performing or in our day to day lives. We promote positive and kind behaviour and a hard working attitude that inspires others. We encourage our students to not only be themselves, but to be the best version of themselves, by caring and supporting those around them and committing fully to their personal ambitions.

Meet Our Director

Christie Gowans

Christie was inspired to create La Belle Arts in 2016 after a successful performing career on stage, TV, in film and in music videos. She trained at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts in London.

Christie has a wealth of experience as a teacher, choreographer and director - choreographing the 2016 production of Oliver! at the Edinburgh Playhouse with Stage Experience and for the renowned Rosie Kay Dance Company's Production of '5 Soldiers'

She believes in the power of the Performing Arts in shaping young lives and created La Belle Arts to bring the joy of performing to as many people as possible! She has seen the benefits of the arts in inspiring confidence, ambition, hard work and creativity in people of all ages and walks of life and believes there is no feeling like standing on a stage and being a part of a nurturing performing family. 

At LBA, we love nothing better than seeing a young person's confidence blossom as they realise how wonderful and talented they are, and how much they can achieve in performing and in life.

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Meet Our Teachers

La Belle Arts Jessica


Jessica is a dancer and dance teacher from Dublin, now living in Edinburgh. She has been teaching dance for nearly 10 years in a variety of styles throughout Ireland. Jessica has a BA in Neuroscience which she got before deciding to pursue dance and teaching full time. She began dancing at a young age and has trained in everything from tap to street dance. She loves working with people of all ages and particularly with children as she loves seeing them progress in their dancing.


Jessica believes that performing can play a hugely important role in children's lives for expression, confidence, exercise and fun, and can teach important lessons that stick throughout life."


Eleanor began her professional training in 2009 at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance before completing her training at Performing Arts Studio Scotland in Edinburgh. Throughout her training, Eleanor developed a passion for choreography and contemporary dance creating pieces of work based on her personal experiences and passions in life.  


Eleanor has always loved performing and has had many opportunities within the industry performing in the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland, Move It, Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013/14. Her passion for performing and choreographing led her to inspire the next generation of young dancers.


In 2015 Eleanor embarked on a two year Masters course in Dance Science and Education at the University of Edinburgh. The course introduced a new teaching pathway allowing Eleanor to gain vital new skills within the world of teaching and a wealth of experience in nursery, primary and secondary contexts. 


Eleanor currently manages the LBA Restalrig branch and has loved teaching and inspiring all her students to realise their full potential through the performing arts . It is a joy to witness a child's confidence grow and develop at LBA