at La Belle Arts

At La Belle Arts, we have a wide range of classes to suit all age groups and interests, giving all our students the opportunity to explore their passion and grow their confidence.

Age Groups

Please note that these age groups should only be used as a rough guideline.


Our Babybelles classes give your child the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun!
Our sessions are aimed at little ones aged between 1.5 – 4.5 years, and allow children to stretch, dance, laugh and meet new friends. Following along to a musical beat, we play with exciting props such as ribbons and jingly bells to help our students develop their own rhythm and grow their creativity.

Adults are encouraged to bring their dancing shoes too, as we ask each little one to invite a dancing partner along with them to get involved and join in the PARTY.

This leads on beautifully to our ‘Mini Programme – ages 3-5yrs’ which includes classes in Mini Musical Theatre, Mini Ballet and Mini Movers (Street Dance)

Musical Theatre

Mini | Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Our all-singing, all-dancing Musical Theatre classes let your child explore the gift of performing, exploring the enchanting world of theatre and all it has to offer.

Each child is encouraged to perform on the big stage, allowing them to find their passion, discover their singing voice and learn how to be a dynamic and confident actor.


Mini | Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Our Ballet classes have been developed to inspire your child to learn and appreciate the beautiful artistry, dynamic technique and incredible performance that the world of ballet provides.

You will be able to watch their progression as they learn every step, point and leap, guided at each stage by our talented and dedicated teachers.

We believe in developing strong, passionate and creative performers, and encourage all of our students to take a dive into everything that ballet has to offer.

We follow the IDTA syllabus in this class and students have the opportunity to take an IDTA exam if they and their teacher are confident to do so.


Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Jazz dancing has so much to offer young people who want to express themselves. With a huge range of styles from Lyrical Jazz to Musical Theatre Jazz, our students are encouraged to explore their personalities and talents with this exciting form of dance.

We teach all our students to aim for their full potential, and our teachers are on hand every step of the way to help them develop their self-expression and creativity, whilst building strength, confidence, flexibility and technique.

We follow the IDTA syllabus in this class and students have the opportunity to take an IDTA exam if they and their teacher are confident to do so.

Street Dance

Mini | Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

Street Dance is an awesome way for your child to learn new rhythms and styles and find unique ways to express themselves.

This form of dance is all about being confident and showing the world what you’re made of. We love encouraging our students to break away from the mould and give performances that make them feel free and expressive.

It’s also about being strong, creative and unique – positive qualities to instill in your child, all whilst they have loads of fun and make lifelong dance memories and friends!


Petit | Midi | Grande | Avance

This class allows your child to develop their natural rhythm and musicality, something which benefits them in all areas of their dance training as well as throughout their lives!

Tap gives the body and brain a full workout, encouraging students to focus and grow their creativity. Our teachers work with each child to establish their individual techniques and continue to develop their unique style to the tap dancing beat.


Contemporary is a beautiful blend of Ballet and Jazz, and is focussed on story telling, performance and creative movement.

Students are encouraged to think about the story and meaning behind their movements, and develop their artistry and musicality.

We focus on improvisation skills in this class, as well as set choreography, so our students can grow into confident and dynamic young dancers with the ability to think on their feet and portray music through movement.


Junior | Senior

Acro-Dance is an amazing class which helps students to develop strength, flexibility and control by exploring acrobatic movement which can then be seamlessly integrated into their other dance routines.

We learn incredible tricks and moves that wow audiences, whilst building your child’s confidence and their ‘can do’ attitude.

Our students must be enrolled in at least one other dance style with LBA before trying our Acro-Dance classes.

We follow the IDTA syllabus in this class and students have the opportunity to take an IDTA exam if they and their teacher are confident to do so.

Theatre Craft

Our Theatre Craft classes follow the IDTA Theatre Craft syllabus and students are given the opportunity to take an exam in this genre.

The Theatre Craft genre is all about stage presence, performance and technique, and gives our students the most fantastic platform on which to hone their dance craft and discover their potential as stage performers.

The syllabus is fun-filled, varied and full of moments to shine – we very much encourage you to enquire about our Theatre Craft classes and to take a free trial class so your child can see what it’s all about!

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